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EmanuelC16 Manu
Click on a coach to read more about them Heyho boys and girls! TwiceT is in tha coaching house :)

My name is T ... TwiceT. Some also call me by the name of Thomas or TT. I am 27 years old, living in beautiful Vienna, Austria. I have been a Poker Pro since January 2008 and have been active as a coach and video producer for many years. I finished my Masters Degree in Business Administration and Economics in 2009 and am now mostly focusing on a few business ventures with my partners. As much as I love this game, I also love the business world and try my best to invest all my poker winnings as best as I can, trying to challenge the status quo and make an impact (a sustainable one!) on our world. Poker has been a huge part of my life and, even though I don't spend as much time playing the game as I used to, I am still in love with it and honestly think that it has taught me more about business, psychology and life in general than anything else ever could. It's a fun game and I consider the game to be good for everyone, even when not pursuing to the highest degree of professionalism as some of my close poker friends do (on this topic I suggest you check out a great article by Sklansky & Schoonmaker).

My Games
- NLHE up to NL2k$: HU, SH, FR.
- PLO up to PLO2k$: HU, SH.
- HU SNG up to ~ 500$
- MTTs up to ~ 1000$
- Live Cash Games and MTTs up to 5k$

I am coaching
- NLHE HU/SH/FR up to 1k
- PLO HU/SH/FR up to 1k
- HU SNG up to 300
- MTTs (hu, sh, fr) up to 300

Since I beat those games over significant sample sizes, I feel skilled enough to coach. Over the last years I coached players from several countries on different game formats and limits. I have a good idea where small and midstakes players make their biggest mistakes and what's necessary to turn those weaknesses into pure powerrrrr and stop leaking money on the tables.

My Languages
- English
- German

If you speak French and want to book a coaching, that's also possible. However, since my French is not very fluent, you'll get 50% discount parce que tu ne vais pas comprendre plus de 50% :D

My Private Coaching Approach

- Pre-recorded video analysis
- Live sweating sessions
- Hand history reviews
- Discussions of theoretical concepts

Every type has its advantages. For the first session I prefer a pre recorded video or a live sweating session in order to get to know the student's overall game approach. Other than that I am open for any coaching format that maximizes the student's benefits.

My rate
USD 125 / hour

Discounts for group coachings or packages can be discussed.

Payment method
- Skrill

If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know on Skype (TwiceT)


A few graphs for entertainment:

Fast fold games always attracted me. The option to instantly sitout- and in is just incredibly convenient. Maybe this is the future of online poker? Who knows .... those hands were played in the 2nd half of 2010 during my journies through Europe and Asia. Especially when travelling with only a Laptop and thus not being able to play more than 4 tables or during busy times when there is a need to regularly pause the game I find those fast fold games just great.

I never played much 5k online. Just one of those days where the fish moved up from 2/4 all the way to 10/20 and eventually 25/50 and I couldn't resist chasing him :D FML!

And no, I am not too broke to switch to HEM2 :P Here's a recent graph from 2/4 - 5/10
Hello poker geeks,

My name is Manu, and I am a 21 year old poker player from Romania. My poker adventure started years ago with NL5 FR Rush, when I played semi-recreationally and went up all the way to NL50 in a few months. After a forced break from poker I restarted on NL10 SH Zoom and I am currently grinding NL100 SH Zoom.

I have coached many players apart from JB, starting with some microstakes players when I was playing semi-serious on FR Rush and up to NL50 grinders nowadays. So far I am pleased with how I improved as a coach and teacher.

You can see my NL25 and NL50 playing results here:

I feel most students, even the most eager ones, have a struggle with what they want, what they need to learn and with maximizing the value they get from coaching in general. This is where I want to help you!

NLHE Crash Course Package

I am offering you a structured coaching package in course like format. The goal of this course is to give you a very solid understanding of the basics needed to build your poker game. You will learn to think poker. You will gain confidence in your abilities to both play and continously grow. I believe this should be the purpose of basic coaching. The pre-requisites for this are knowing the rules of poker, odds, outs, pot odds and equity.

1. Bet types and reason for betting.
2. Player types and basic hand reading.
3. Preflop hand selection and positonal awareness.
4. 345bet dynamics/playing vs 3bets.
5. Cbetting and barreling.
6. Playing against cbets and barrels.
7. Student sweats coach.
8. Coach sweats student or reviews video of student.
9. Q&A, last sweat/review, student's choice.

During each session you can provide your own hands specific to the topic(s) and of course ask any questions you may have. I will have my own examples prepared either way. For the theory/concept session I give a short presentation of the topic of about 30 minutes and then we dig into practical examples and situations making a total of 90 minutes per session. For the sweats I will play your stakes and exemplify the concepts, while in the 8th coaching we review how you implement what we've discussed and I give you needed pointers. The final session is meant for an overall review and clearing up any possible confusions you might have.

Other topics that we can discuss: thin value/creative bet sizing, image, capped ranges, range construction, range manipulation, stats, note taking. I am not huge on stats because they can often be deceitful and play with your head. Therefore I use them as a secondary tool in sync with what experience and logic tells me. In order to change the basic topics, contact me and we can create a package suitable for your needs.

What I present is a 9x90minutes package at a price of $550, paid in 2 installments
- first $350 installment after first session
- second $200 installment before 6th lesson.
This should be completed in at most 2 MONTHS!

Depending on your needs, we can discuss adjustments of topics and possibly adjust session lengths although I strongly recommend 90 minutes. Depending on what these changes you want are, the price will also change.

If you only wish to have a couple of sessions to polish your game, I still offer standard coaching sessions at the price of $75/90 minutes in multiple formats, including live sweats, review, theory discussions and database analysis. I personally think reviews and theory discussions are more useful because we are not pressed by any time bank, while database analysis has limited advantages since poker is an extremely dynamic game.

Payment methods:
- Skrill
- PokerStars

I am looking forward to helping you!

Twitter: EmanuelC16